Sanchia Heron

2016-04-22_20.16.44 2015-11-06_20.43.41I started banting in February 2015 after putting it off for months, having one excuse after another. I got a tummy bug and decided since I had not eaten for 3 days I may as well start banting and have not looked back since.

I still have my days where I eat something I should not but I just get back on the banting wagon right away. Nobody is perfect so we will all have mishaps now and then. Getting my head around the fact that fat is good for u was hard.

It took me about two months to get my fat intake correct. I have become conscious of everything I eat, I read labels and ingredients, who ever thought I would be doing something like that.

I do not count calories but I do count my carb intake I keep it to 25g and below, I eat only when hungry and I stop if I am full. I have lost 27kgs in so far still got about 10kgs to go.

My weight loss has been slow due to my underactive thyroid. I have tried many different ways of eating over the years but because of my thyroid nothing helped until i started banting…

Thank you Tim Noakes!

Before banting i suffered with very low blood sugar, I was always light headed and shaky but now my sugar is normal before I had to eat 6 times a day now only when hungry and no passing out. Everyone can do it just put your mind to it and be strong…

Good luck to everyone, I am rooting for you.