Celebrated as a miracle food, Superlite shirataki Noodles are carbohydrate free, fat free, wheat free, gluten free, sugar free, soy free and lactose free – the perfect alternative to heavy breads, pastas and grains.

Superlite noodles are a good food choice when watching your weight:

they contain only 11 calories (/100g)
high in fibre, making you feel full and satisfied for longer
the slow digestion process regulates your blood sugar levels, preventing cravings
it is an alkaline food, which is known to create a preferred environment in the body for weight loss


Carb FREE and Starch FREE – Superlite noodles contain no carbs, and has a glycaemic carbohydrate value of 0. This means that it is the perfect noodle to eat whether you are on a low GI diet, or carb free diet.

VEGAN FRIENDLY – They contain absolutely no animal products.

Gluten FREE and wheat FREE – These noodles provide for a wheat free and gluten free pasta alternative (not to mention guilt free). Those afflicted with celiac disease, wheat intolerance or wheat allergies can eat shirataki noodles to their hearts’ content.

NATURALLY FREE FROM FAT & SUGAR – The no-guilt alternative to heavy breads and pasta.

ALMOST NO CALORIES – With only 11 calories per 100g, they’re ideal for weight loss.

DECREASES YOUR APPETITE – Packed with the soluble super fibre, konjac glucomannan, they stabilise your blood sugar levels and reduce cravings.

ALKALINE FOOD – Shirataki Noodles naturally help to regulate and balance your body’s pH levels.

LOW IN SODIUM – People with high blood pressure, kidney disease and heart problems can benefit from a diet that is low in sodium.

ORGANIC – Superlite Shirataki Noodles are BCS Organically Certified.

Superlite Noodles contain ZERO carbohydrates, and can be incorporated into any low carb diet.
The miracle ingredient in shirataki noodles is the soluble fibre called Konjac glucomannan. Superlite noodles are packed with 4.9 / 100 g fibre, which helps to keep you feeling fuller for longer while reducing cravings and stabilising your blood sugar levels.[/column]


What Is Konjac?

The Konjac plant grows in the mountainous region of Southwest China, the same beautiful area where Pandas live. The dried konjac root contains the glucomannan fibre.
The konjac plant primarily consists of a water-soluble dietary fibre called Konjac glucomannan and has been used in Japan for centuries. Glucomannan is one of nature’s richest sources of fibre boasting many health and weight loss benefits.
Konjac fibre has the highest viscosity soluble fiber in nature, according to medical research, the higher the viscosity, the better to control blood sugar levels.Konjac fibre is the best soluble fiber for people with diabetes that want to control blood sugar level naturally.

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