Marcelle Foster

I lost much weight in the 1980’s with Weigh Less and was a supervisor for Weigh Less for many years but I have always had the tendency to be an emotional eater and think moving from South Africa to Australia triggered the old bad habits & slowly I piled on more & more weight.
I weighed in at 105kg as I am in top left photo with my daughter and tried to lose weight by dieting but was very slow. A South African friend told me about The Real Meal Revolution and I ordered my book towards the end of last year. On Boxing Day 2015 I started Banting and it was magic straight away and I could see the weight drop off.
The photo with the purple jacket was taken September 2015 after I’d lost a little weight.
The photo on beach with my daughter was January 2016 after I’d lost my first few kilos on Banting.
Bottom middle floral shirt was April 2016 and bottom right in a pencil skirt at last was 1st August 2016
By then I had lost 27 kg and I’ll include my gym stats for the past year as well.
I love the lifestyle, coffee and cream, most days some strawberries and yoghurt or cream and love my meats and vegetables.
I was a breadoholic & chocoholic and can honestly say I no longer have cravings and love planning my next meal.
One of my favourite meals is pizza with cream cheese base and asparagus soup.
I would recommend anybody to try this lifestyle as it is very easy and really enjoy my food all the time. I recently bought a bikini and was such a reward. I still have weight to lose but with continued exercise and also adding collagen to help with skin elasticity it is a continuous work in progress.
My children’s support has been phenomenal.
Marcelle Foster