Kim Bailey Moldenhauer

1458561052987My Dearest Banting family.

I wanted to share this to you as a lot of us battle and cheat and suffer depression and illnesses. I had my kidney removed over a year and a half ago before that I was bedridden for a kidney stone the size of a golf ball.


After they removed my kidney I suffered 2 strokes and had put a tremendous amount of weight on. When I saw how hurt my kids were that I was always in bed and not doing any activities I was really depressed. Until my neighbour Lyn who is like a mom told me about banting. I looked up the group and joined. I was welcomed with open arms. Then during the first two months I was really depressed and cheated and drank alcohol and I decided to be honest with my banting family. They didn’t shout or get mad they helped me up again and a big thank you to Kim blom who is always by our side.


P.s I am so sorry I forgot to also mention all the administrators who have also been their for me. Ty from the bottom of my heart


So the whole thing to this story is I have been banting for 3 and a half months and in total have lost 36.4 kgs and my cms which I was measured at gym today came to When I first started

Waist 123.3 cm now 97cm
Arms 42.7cm now 30 cm
Legs 72 cm now 63cm
Thighs 126.5 cm now 60cm.

So my beautiful banting family have faith and positivity and you will get their. If I can you defiantly can. Love every one of you guys and gals.

Since my last weigh in which was two weeks ago I lost 39.8 kgs which my next weigh in is on the 30th of June 2016.
my anniversary is on the 17th of June and I will be banting for 4 months. Enclosed is of pics when I first started till 15th June.
Please feel free to ask me anything.