Lesley McCullagh

1464772952374I have battled for many years with my weight, seeing Dieticians, being put on medication to help with weight loss, but nothing was successful. I started Banting in November 2015 weighing 92kgs and found it very easy to adapt to the new lifestyles except giving up alcohol as we socialise a lot with family and friends. However I did manage to loose 11.3 kgs. However my weight stalled from middle March 2016 to 30 May, so I decided to stop alcohol altogether after reading that your body will not burn fat if drinking. Within 1 day of stopping Alcohol my weight started dropping again and lost 1.3 in the first day. This is the most weight I have ever lost by changing my eating lifestyle. I sleep better, have more energy and my restless leg syndrome has stopped altogether. This is definitely the lifestyle and will never stop.