Desre Menezies

img1467612606485For me a positive and good mindset was important because emotions are what causes many to either slip up or worse “Quit”. It’s best to know yourself and what foods you go to for comfort especially on days that everything is going wrong and “plan” for it.

Everyone responds differently and my guilt food for comfort was Potato crisp, sometimes chocolate and moist sweet cakes. So I had to replace this bad habit with a good one. In my mind and what I was told for years was that fat is bad, so avocados, dry wors, fatty biltong, nuts, bacon so on… was bad to have so for me to have these was like eating wrong. When I had a bad day and ate this it felt so strange because it did felt like the wrong food anyhow for a long time.

There will be friends and family that will encourage you and discourage you learn quick who they are and make a decisive decision those who discourage to love them from a distances because they will drain you and be with those who will encourage you.

Break through those fears quickly they will keep you from being the best you can and stop the “critical self talk”. If you not doing this for yourself and better life do it for the ones you love, so they can see and be with the best of you. “This is not a diet it’s a way of life”. Just follow the colour lists.img1470559957161

“Dream Big”, don’t allow your fears to stop you. I’m in a fantastic travel club and they have fabulous luxurious dream trips at awesome prices and I never took “ANY”!!! because I was ashamed of what I looked like you can imagine the fear of not fitting in the plane seats or walking on the beach in shorts never mind a swim suit or booking into a luxury Hotel and feeling like peoples eyes are on you all the time or hoping you will fit in the dining room chairs… I was my own worst enemy, my fears stopped me from having the best life for me and in turn my family and husband suffered because I didn’t wanted to go anywhere or bump into anyone who may know me. I allowed life to slip away.

I decided to faced my fears and did the craziest things. I allowed life to escape me instead of embracing it. I decided to use my travel club and took many Dream Trips I did “Zip lining”, walked on the beach with “shorts”(even though it was long shorts) went dancing, horse riding etc. Love these luxury Hotel c
an’t believe how much I have missed out on and they supportive on your program.

I started to embrace life and built my self confidence which made me want to stay on the program and loose more. Do something that will make it fun and worthwhile. I love every moment of my journey and my food tastes fantastic. Learn how to Enjoy yours.

I hardly ever weighed myself, went by my clothing. In 14 months I have lost over 25kg and down 5 dress sizes and lots of cm’s –  still losing, I want to loose about 20 kg more. My hair and skin has changed, I have changed.

Enjoy your journey and happy Banting.