Ronella vd Walt

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I started my journey end February 2016 weighing in @143.7kgs this is the result of perseverance 70kgs. I have to thank my husband Gary and my family and friends for all their support I followed Banting on FB for a year before I started just to make sure it was something I could manage and to my surprise it fitted in with my lifestyle. OK, so we all have good days and hard days the budget didn’t always allow much freedom. On those days I had so much help from all u guys that keep sharing recipes. Thank u with all my heart to u members, Banting and Lose It Magazine. So all u newbies out there – you can do it! I am a proud banter and will be for life!

Adéle Waldeck

Good Day Banters!

I’m happy to say that although I’m 42, I look and feel better and weigh less than when I was 16 years old!

I’ve been overweight all of my adult life. The most I’ve ever weighed was 104 kg. I’ve lost a staggering 40kg! Down from size 44 to 34 in 9 months!

I’ve tried all types of diets and even had a tummy tuck and a small intestine resection. With all I’ve lost weight, but picked it up again (plus extra) as soon as I’ve stopped with the diets and started eating again like I used to.

Banting has really changed my life! When I got engaged on Xmas 2015, I was totally shocked when I saw the pictures because I’ve never been THAT overweight in my life! I decided on the spot that I will NOT be an overweight bride ! So Ive googled night after night until I came across RMR and I’ve never looked back 1day!  I’ve lost 8 kg in the first month. 40 kg in 9 months and still going strong. I WILL wear a size 32 on my wedding next Xmas if I have anything to say about it and I will do whatever it takes to obtain my goal!

I must honestly say that I have also fallen off the wagon and also gets cravings sometimes. But I get back up everytime soon after my relapse and don’t punish myself too much. I just work harder not to make the same mistakes next time.  And for the first time in my life I’m actually thinking about EVERYTHING before its passing my lips! I always ask myself

Is it worth it?
Is is really what i want?
Is it beneficial?
Will it make me gain weight?

Its quite simple. If the answers is negative, I don’t take it! I also dont tell myself that I’m not allowed anything, but rather that I DON’T WANT stuff that’s not good for my health / weight.

I believe that EVERYONE CAN loose on this lifestyle!

I also feel great and more healthier than ever!

Marcelle Foster

I lost much weight in the 1980’s with Weigh Less and was a supervisor for Weigh Less for many years but I have always had the tendency to be an emotional eater and think moving from South Africa to Australia triggered the old bad habits & slowly I piled on more & more weight.
I weighed in at 105kg as I am in top left photo with my daughter and tried to lose weight by dieting but was very slow. A South African friend told me about The Real Meal Revolution and I ordered my book towards the end of last year. On Boxing Day 2015 I started Banting and it was magic straight away and I could see the weight drop off.
The photo with the purple jacket was taken September 2015 after I’d lost a little weight.
The photo on beach with my daughter was January 2016 after I’d lost my first few kilos on Banting.
Bottom middle floral shirt was April 2016 and bottom right in a pencil skirt at last was 1st August 2016
By then I had lost 27 kg and I’ll include my gym stats for the past year as well.
I love the lifestyle, coffee and cream, most days some strawberries and yoghurt or cream and love my meats and vegetables.
I was a breadoholic & chocoholic and can honestly say I no longer have cravings and love planning my next meal.
One of my favourite meals is pizza with cream cheese base and asparagus soup.
I would recommend anybody to try this lifestyle as it is very easy and really enjoy my food all the time. I recently bought a bikini and was such a reward. I still have weight to lose but with continued exercise and also adding collagen to help with skin elasticity it is a continuous work in progress.
My children’s support has been phenomenal.
Marcelle Foster



This has been my journey so far. Just to give a bit of background I am 23 and in 2015 I finished my degree. In the period of my studies and my internship I ate my way through it. It was takeaways majority of the time that was paired with a minimum of 4 energy drinks a day.

Eventually in 2016 after being fed up with the way I looked and felt I decided to go to the doctor. The doctor expressed concern about how I was well on my way to diabetes. Something I had not revealed to the doctor is that I was stopping breathing in my sleep which is a characteristic of sleep apnea. The doctor stated that he will fix me! I was shocked by this term but listened further and was told that Banting would change my life.

Here I am and Banting has changed my life for the better. When I first weighed myself I weighed 106.3kgs in April. Now I have lost 16kgs and aspire to lose 30kgs in total.

I no longer struggle with allergies such as lactose intolerance, no asthma attacks and no skin problems. Overall this is the healthiest I’ve been in my life. It’s been such an easy journey so far.     2147481777ee

A few tips would be to:
-stock up the fridge with basics that one enjoys such as tomatoes, cucumbers, double cream yoghurt, cauliflower and broccoli and furthermore 90% dark chocolate
– take your green list, highlight what your favourites are and start with that
-if one falls of the wagon start again the next day and forgive yourself.
– fasting works as well
– And lastly set a goal and enforce a reward. An example of a reward is a new outfit or a something that you really want

I have to admit that a lot of my achievement is also a result of consistent support, motivation and weigh in every second week rather than every week or day.

Jonita Hearn

Untitled-1 copyWe are a Banting family and we started our new lifestyle on the 1st of June 2014.

After a life long struggle with my weight I was really starting to struggle with doing even the most basic of actions like walking and climbing stairs, my back just couldn’t take the weight any more.

My husband was diagnosed with heart failure in 2012 and his doctor’s prognosis was not good, he is dependent on oxygen 24/7. We made the decision to switch to LCHF not likely or by chance, we did a huge amount of research to make sure that it won’t affect Sam’s health negatively as we cannot take any chances with his health. All and all it took about a year of weighing pro’s and con’s before we started.

Our starting weights were as follows: Sam – more than 200, 3 kgs (we could only register is weight on the scale after 2 weeks), Jonita (me) – 198, 3 kgs, Ninette – 119, 2 kgs and Bianca – 130, 8 kgs. After two years the picture looks a lot different, our weight loss so for Sam = +47, 2,Jonita = 70, 6, Ninette = 27, 1 and Bianca = 33, 4. That’s only the numbers and not the only proof of our success.

Our family’s quality of life has improved by leaps and bounds. Things like walking and climbing stairs for me are no problem anymore. The girls has done so great their self-esteem is so much better now. Although the damage to Sam’s heart is irreversible the weight loss and changes to his diet has done wonders for him, he has no need for his high blood pressure medication anymore and both his GP and Specialist Physician are amazed at how good he is doing.

We’ll be forever thankful to Prof. Tim Noakes and Sally-Ann Creed for writing The Real Meal Revolution and introducing us to this lifestyle and making us want to succeed and learn more each day.

Desre Menezies

img1467612606485For me a positive and good mindset was important because emotions are what causes many to either slip up or worse “Quit”. It’s best to know yourself and what foods you go to for comfort especially on days that everything is going wrong and “plan” for it.

Everyone responds differently and my guilt food for comfort was Potato crisp, sometimes chocolate and moist sweet cakes. So I had to replace this bad habit with a good one. In my mind and what I was told for years was that fat is bad, so avocados, dry wors, fatty biltong, nuts, bacon so on… was bad to have so for me to have these was like eating wrong. When I had a bad day and ate this it felt so strange because it did felt like the wrong food anyhow for a long time.

There will be friends and family that will encourage you and discourage you learn quick who they are and make a decisive decision those who discourage to love them from a distances because they will drain you and be with those who will encourage you.

Break through those fears quickly they will keep you from being the best you can and stop the “critical self talk”. If you not doing this for yourself and better life do it for the ones you love, so they can see and be with the best of you. “This is not a diet it’s a way of life”. Just follow the colour lists.img1470559957161

“Dream Big”, don’t allow your fears to stop you. I’m in a fantastic travel club and they have fabulous luxurious dream trips at awesome prices and I never took “ANY”!!! because I was ashamed of what I looked like you can imagine the fear of not fitting in the plane seats or walking on the beach in shorts never mind a swim suit or booking into a luxury Hotel and feeling like peoples eyes are on you all the time or hoping you will fit in the dining room chairs… I was my own worst enemy, my fears stopped me from having the best life for me and in turn my family and husband suffered because I didn’t wanted to go anywhere or bump into anyone who may know me. I allowed life to slip away.

I decided to faced my fears and did the craziest things. I allowed life to escape me instead of embracing it. I decided to use my travel club and took many Dream Trips I did “Zip lining”, walked on the beach with “shorts”(even though it was long shorts) went dancing, horse riding etc. Love these luxury Hotel c
an’t believe how much I have missed out on and they supportive on your program.

I started to embrace life and built my self confidence which made me want to stay on the program and loose more. Do something that will make it fun and worthwhile. I love every moment of my journey and my food tastes fantastic. Learn how to Enjoy yours.

I hardly ever weighed myself, went by my clothing. In 14 months I have lost over 25kg and down 5 dress sizes and lots of cm’s –  still losing, I want to loose about 20 kg more. My hair and skin has changed, I have changed.

Enjoy your journey and happy Banting.


Louisa van den Berg

I started my journey April 2015. My weight was 73 kg in April 2015, April 2016 55 kg in total loss of 18kg. When i started, I told myself that I will be happy if I can be 60kg, now I am a happy 54,5 kg and just keep going.
I feel great.
My husband was 116 kg and now 94kg, total lost 22kg, together we lost 40kg.



Sanchia Heron

2016-04-22_20.16.44 2015-11-06_20.43.41I started banting in February 2015 after putting it off for months, having one excuse after another. I got a tummy bug and decided since I had not eaten for 3 days I may as well start banting and have not looked back since.

I still have my days where I eat something I should not but I just get back on the banting wagon right away. Nobody is perfect so we will all have mishaps now and then. Getting my head around the fact that fat is good for u was hard.

It took me about two months to get my fat intake correct. I have become conscious of everything I eat, I read labels and ingredients, who ever thought I would be doing something like that.

I do not count calories but I do count my carb intake I keep it to 25g and below, I eat only when hungry and I stop if I am full. I have lost 27kgs in so far still got about 10kgs to go.

My weight loss has been slow due to my underactive thyroid. I have tried many different ways of eating over the years but because of my thyroid nothing helped until i started banting…

Thank you Tim Noakes!

Before banting i suffered with very low blood sugar, I was always light headed and shaky but now my sugar is normal before I had to eat 6 times a day now only when hungry and no passing out. Everyone can do it just put your mind to it and be strong…

Good luck to everyone, I am rooting for you.

Kim Bailey Moldenhauer

1458561052987My Dearest Banting family.

I wanted to share this to you as a lot of us battle and cheat and suffer depression and illnesses. I had my kidney removed over a year and a half ago before that I was bedridden for a kidney stone the size of a golf ball.


After they removed my kidney I suffered 2 strokes and had put a tremendous amount of weight on. When I saw how hurt my kids were that I was always in bed and not doing any activities I was really depressed. Until my neighbour Lyn who is like a mom told me about banting. I looked up the group and joined. I was welcomed with open arms. Then during the first two months I was really depressed and cheated and drank alcohol and I decided to be honest with my banting family. They didn’t shout or get mad they helped me up again and a big thank you to Kim blom who is always by our side.


P.s I am so sorry I forgot to also mention all the administrators who have also been their for me. Ty from the bottom of my heart


So the whole thing to this story is I have been banting for 3 and a half months and in total have lost 36.4 kgs and my cms which I was measured at gym today came to When I first started

Waist 123.3 cm now 97cm
Arms 42.7cm now 30 cm
Legs 72 cm now 63cm
Thighs 126.5 cm now 60cm.

So my beautiful banting family have faith and positivity and you will get their. If I can you defiantly can. Love every one of you guys and gals.

Since my last weigh in which was two weeks ago I lost 39.8 kgs which my next weigh in is on the 30th of June 2016.
my anniversary is on the 17th of June and I will be banting for 4 months. Enclosed is of pics when I first started till 15th June.
Please feel free to ask me anything.

Lesley McCullagh

1464772952374I have battled for many years with my weight, seeing Dieticians, being put on medication to help with weight loss, but nothing was successful. I started Banting in November 2015 weighing 92kgs and found it very easy to adapt to the new lifestyles except giving up alcohol as we socialise a lot with family and friends. However I did manage to loose 11.3 kgs. However my weight stalled from middle March 2016 to 30 May, so I decided to stop alcohol altogether after reading that your body will not burn fat if drinking. Within 1 day of stopping Alcohol my weight started dropping again and lost 1.3 in the first day. This is the most weight I have ever lost by changing my eating lifestyle. I sleep better, have more energy and my restless leg syndrome has stopped altogether. This is definitely the lifestyle and will never stop.