Adéle Waldeck

Good Day Banters!

I’m happy to say that although I’m 42, I look and feel better and weigh less than when I was 16 years old!

I’ve been overweight all of my adult life. The most I’ve ever weighed was 104 kg. I’ve lost a staggering 40kg! Down from size 44 to 34 in 9 months!

I’ve tried all types of diets and even had a tummy tuck and a small intestine resection. With all I’ve lost weight, but picked it up again (plus extra) as soon as I’ve stopped with the diets and started eating again like I used to.

Banting has really changed my life! When I got engaged on Xmas 2015, I was totally shocked when I saw the pictures because I’ve never been THAT overweight in my life! I decided on the spot that I will NOT be an overweight bride ! So Ive googled night after night until I came across RMR and I’ve never looked back 1day!  I’ve lost 8 kg in the first month. 40 kg in 9 months and still going strong. I WILL wear a size 32 on my wedding next Xmas if I have anything to say about it and I will do whatever it takes to obtain my goal!

I must honestly say that I have also fallen off the wagon and also gets cravings sometimes. But I get back up everytime soon after my relapse and don’t punish myself too much. I just work harder not to make the same mistakes next time.  And for the first time in my life I’m actually thinking about EVERYTHING before its passing my lips! I always ask myself

Is it worth it?
Is is really what i want?
Is it beneficial?
Will it make me gain weight?

Its quite simple. If the answers is negative, I don’t take it! I also dont tell myself that I’m not allowed anything, but rather that I DON’T WANT stuff that’s not good for my health / weight.

I believe that EVERYONE CAN loose on this lifestyle!

I also feel great and more healthier than ever!