Jonita Hearn

Untitled-1 copyWe are a Banting family and we started our new lifestyle on the 1st of June 2014.

After a life long struggle with my weight I was really starting to struggle with doing even the most basic of actions like walking and climbing stairs, my back just couldn’t take the weight any more.

My husband was diagnosed with heart failure in 2012 and his doctor’s prognosis was not good, he is dependent on oxygen 24/7. We made the decision to switch to LCHF not likely or by chance, we did a huge amount of research to make sure that it won’t affect Sam’s health negatively as we cannot take any chances with his health. All and all it took about a year of weighing pro’s and con’s before we started.

Our starting weights were as follows: Sam – more than 200, 3 kgs (we could only register is weight on the scale after 2 weeks), Jonita (me) – 198, 3 kgs, Ninette – 119, 2 kgs and Bianca – 130, 8 kgs. After two years the picture looks a lot different, our weight loss so for Sam = +47, 2,Jonita = 70, 6, Ninette = 27, 1 and Bianca = 33, 4. That’s only the numbers and not the only proof of our success.

Our family’s quality of life has improved by leaps and bounds. Things like walking and climbing stairs for me are no problem anymore. The girls has done so great their self-esteem is so much better now. Although the damage to Sam’s heart is irreversible the weight loss and changes to his diet has done wonders for him, he has no need for his high blood pressure medication anymore and both his GP and Specialist Physician are amazed at how good he is doing.

We’ll be forever thankful to Prof. Tim Noakes and Sally-Ann Creed for writing The Real Meal Revolution and introducing us to this lifestyle and making us want to succeed and learn more each day.